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UNM Extends Condolences to Ukraine over Downed Plane

Opposition party in Georgia, United National Movement (UNM), has expressed condolences over death of 49 Ukrainian servicemen, killed after pro-Russian separatists shot down an army transport plane near the government-controlled airport in Luhansk, east Ukraine.

“We express solidarity towards Ukraine and Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and unity of the nation,” UNM said in a statement on June 14, adding that “it is beyond doubt that the plane was shot down by Russian invaders” with anti-aircraft weapons brought in Ukraine from Russia.

It said that two Georgian planes were shot down over airport outside Sokhumi “during a similar Russian intervention” in Abkhazia in 1993.

“We call upon the Georgian government to act adequately in this decisive moment for the Ukrainian people and render all the necessary material, diplomatic and any other assistance to Ukraine,” UNM said.


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