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Probe Launched into Rustavi 2 TV Bugging Claims

Prosecutor’s office said it has launched investigation into claims by Tbilisi-based Rustavi 2 TV channel that offices of its top executives were bugged.

It said that investigation has been opened under the article of criminal code, which deals with illegal eavesdropping of private conversations.

Investigators visited Rustavi 2 TV headquarters in Tbilisi after one of the largest private television stations in the country said earlier on May 6 that offices of its chief executive and head of newsroom were illegally monitored.

Nika Gvaramia, chief executive officer of Rustavi 2 TV, said on May 6 that a source from the Interior Ministry leaked to the television station two video recordings from June, 2013 of illegal surveillance in top management’s offices. He also said that although Rustavi 2 TV employees found tiny holes in the ceiling, where apparently cameras were hidden, no devices were found there.

Prosecutor’s office said that it “will carry out all the investigative activities and will take all the necessary measures in order establishing objective truth.” It called on the Rustavi 2 TV to cooperate “in order to find out origin of the video recordings as well as to identify those involved in this possible crime in the shortest period of time.”


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