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Georgian MFA Comments on French, German, Polish Proposal on EU-Russia Talks with EaP

Georgia’s European integration is a bilateral issue with the EU and it “should be implemented without interference of a third party,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

In an email response to a question what is Tbilisi’s position on proposal put forth by French, German and Polish foreign ministers on EU-Russian talks with those Eastern Partnership countries, which aspire EU integration, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said: “It is of special political importance for Georgia to be permanently part of agenda of the European institutions and leaders of EU member states. It is caused by Georgia’s commitment to the European choice. For its party, the European Union takes into account realities in the Eastern Partnership region, especially recent developments in Ukraine, and realizes importance of its political support.”

“It should be emphasized that Georgia’s European integration is an issue of bilateral Georgian-EU cooperation and should be implemented without interference of a third party. Not a single third party has the right to influence on foreign policy choice of a sovereign state,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

“EU-Georgia Association Agreement provides new legal framework for cooperation signing of which upon mutual agreement is planned for no later than June. The EU and Georgia are carrying out internal technical procedures for preparing the agreement for signature and therefore initiative of ‘Weimar Triangle’ should not be perceived in conjunction with signing of the Association Agreement.”

The Foreign Ministry also said that it always welcomes when EU reminds Russia about its commitments, including the need to fulfill the August 12, 2018 six-point ceasefire agreement.  

“In a dialogue with Russia, the European Union should continue demanding from Russia to respect Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders,” it said.

“The EU fully realizes that it has a special responsibility and political commitment in the region and in Georgia and is seeking ways for supporting partner states,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

It also said that the EU should not only “recognize the European perspective of relevant partner countries, but should also efficiently protect this perspective.”


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