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Opposition Rallies Outside Parliament

Thousand of opposition supporters are gathered at the rally outside the Parliament on November 7 to mark the first anniversary of police break up of anti-government demonstration.

A group of five opposition parties, which are organizers of the rally, said on November 6 that it was launching campaign with series of protest rallies in next five month with an eventual goal to achieve early presidential and parliamentary elections in spring, 2009.

Kakha Kukava, co-leader of the Conservative Party, told the protesters about the oppositions plans, which has been laid out in a leaflet released on November 6 and also said that the opposition “extended hand of cooperation to the authorities, but it was rejected.” “So we continue our struggle,” he added. 

Levan Gachechiladze, a former opposition presidential candidate, told the supporters at the rally “we should not get tired” with struggle. 

“Many [of opposition supporters] are upset and saying why we are not putting an end [to the current authorities] today; why we have not put an end yesterday and day before yesterday; but we should know that this deed should not end in a way that may lead to Georgia’s defeat… We have complicated situation in the Javakheti region, in Kartli [referring to South Ossetia]; we should not allow triggering of civil confrontation,” Gachechiladze said.

The rally is expected to march towards the presidential residence several kilometers away from the Parliament and it is expected to disperse after handing over the opposition letter to the President’s administration, involving a demand “to return Imedi TV to its legal owners” before November 23.

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