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Saakashvili Hails Obama, Biden Georgia Stance

President Saakashvili said on November 4 that Senator Barack Obama and his vice-presidential running mate Joe Biden have a “concrete plans about strengthening Georgia.”

He made the televised remarks on the matter when it was late Tuesday evening when elections were still underway in the United States.

Although Saakashvili said that no matter which candidate would win, “Georgia’s positions will strengthen,” in his remarks he emphasized on Obama’s and his running mate’s stance on Georgia.

“Senator Obama had the most precise thesis about Georgia during the election campaign; Senator McCain is our old friend; Vice-President[ial candidate] Biden is our and my old friend,” Saakashvili said.

“He [Biden] was almost the only western politician during the last November events [when the riot police cracked down on anti-governmental protest rallies] who said that the November crisis was also a result of external subversion and interference. He said this during one of the internal debates within the Democratic [Party],” Saakashvili said.

He also said the fact that Georgia would receive USD 1 billion aid from the United States was “thanks to personally Biden.”

“He first spoke about this aid when he was in Tbilisi at the time when Tbilisi was bombed, when he spent several days with us. He has very concrete plans about strengthening Georgia and its economy,” Saakashvili continued. “He also met with representatives of our opposition, when they were visiting the United States and called them for consolidation – not for the U.S. sake, the U.S. has many other interests, but for the sake of Georgia’s strengthening.”

He also said that meeting of the opposition representatives with Biden in Denver in late August was facilitated by the Georgian authorities.

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