Ten Opposition Parties Condemn New Rule on Party Funding

Ten opposition parties issued a joint statement on July 9, describing the ruling party’s proposal to deny state funding for parties refusing to enter Parliament as “a punishment.” 

“Changing the rules governing party funding by the authorities can obviously be assessed as a punitive measure, as well as an attempt to make undesirable political forces disappear from the political arena,” the statement reads. “It is aimed at persecuting and suppressing opposition forces and eventually will lead to the establishment of one-party dominance in the country.”

The statement is signed by seven parties from the opposition coalition, which have renounced their MP mandates. These are: New Rights, National Forum, Freedom, Movement for United Georgia, Georgia’s Way, Party of People and Conservative Party. All of them, except the Conservative Party, will lose state funding if the proposal is approved by Parliament on its second and third hearings.

The Labor Party, Republican Party and Industrialist Party also signed the statement.
“We want to warn the Georgian authorities that they are themselves thwarting peaceful, constructive and legal activities. Therefore, the only alternative, if state funding is denied, will be mass protest rallies,” Kakha Kukava of the Conservative Party said at a press conference.


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