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Passenger Boat Launches Sochi-Gagra Trips

A 250-passanger boat en route from Russia’s Sochi docked at the Abkhaz resort town of Gagra on July 1, marking the resumption of maritime traffic between Russia and the breakaway region, Apsnipress news agency reported.

It was not however reported how many tourists were onboard. The boat is operated by the Sochi-based Russian company Olymp-Line.

According to Abkhaz and Russian media reports the boat will travel between Gagra and Sochi four times a day with ticket prices varying from 800 rubles (about USD 34) to 1,200 rubles (about USD 51).

In summer 2003 ferry traffic was launched between Sokhumi and Sochi, but was suspended soon after. Abkhaz officials said at the time that the route was commercially unviable.


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