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Saakashvili Makes a Statement

  • I have no goal or value more important than my country and my people and each of you.

  • I am ready to sacrifice my life in sake of Georgia?s happiness and your happiness.

  • I am extremely concerned about development in the Tbilisi center.

  • Demonstrations were underway for several days. Everyone has the right to hold demonstrations and express their opinions. And I, as a leader of young democracy, will always protect this right of expression.

  • First days of demonstrations were peaceful and this is thanks to those thousands of people who are expressing their rights.

  • Today morning, when Rustaveli Avenue was blocked by a small group of people, Tbilisi municipality and the police decided to restore traffic on the Avenue.

  • The police acted in a way like the police would have acted in any other democratic state.

  • Our ill-wishers now feel very happy;

  • We have been hearing for recent months that turmoil was expected in Georgia by autumn. We have been receiving this information from our intelligence;

  • We know that alternative government has already been set up in Moscow;

  • Russian counter-intelligence intensified their activities recently in Georgia;

  • Russian counter-intelligence has been trying to gain a foothold among some of the radical opposition parties;

  • Georgia is under huge pressure;

  • One of the Russian oligarchs [Badri Patarkatsishvili] has openly called for overthrowing the government;

  • In the light of the recent developments, when there were clashes between the police and protesters, we will take all the measures to restore order in the streets of Tbilisi and to return everything back to the constitutional frames;

  • We should be very cautious;

  • If we let these forces to destabilize Georgia now, we will lose a chance to have future; we will lose the chance to restore the country?s territorial integrity;

  • We can not allow massive clashes and riots and this poses a huge threat to our future;

  • I call on the people who are now gathered in the streets to disperse. There is no time for protest rallies;

  • Several diplomats in the Russian embassy have been announced as undesirable persons and they should soon leave Georgia;

  • I need your [referring to population] support; I believe in your rationality and in your wisdom;

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