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Government Launches ‘Georgia will not Step Back’ TV Spots

The Georgian television stations have started airing a short spot, made in a style of TV promotional material, about the October 30 incident in Ganmukhuri.

The TV spot, made up of documentary footage, shows Russian peacekeepers detaining and beating five Georgian policemen; then, President Saakashvili, who arrived on the incident site, speaking angrily with the Russian officer, followed with a footage of Georgian police officers and some Georgian civilians pushing Russian peacekeepers and the latter retreating from the site. In the end of the TV spot a script appears, reading: “Georgia will not step back.”

President Saakashvili spoke about the incident in Ganmukhuri again at a high-profile international conference in Tbilisi on November 1 and said that it was “a provocative and bandit attack.”

He showed the footage of the incident to the conference guests and said that the taped video material was a confirmation of how Russian servicemen behaved throughout years in the Georgia’s conflict zones. Saakashvili also complained that some, even in Europe, thought that Georgia was deliberately provoking tensions to attract attention. But the footage, he said, disavows allegations of this type.

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