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Patience Needed for S.Ossetia Conflict Resolution ? Saakashvili

President Saakashvili called for patience and restraint on October 28 for full-scale resolution of the South Ossetian conflict.

He was speaking at a ceremony of opening a statue commemorating an ethnic Ossetian poet, Kosta Khetagurov, in Tbilisi. Saakashvili said Kosta Khetagurov was ?a symbol of ethnic Ossetians? love towards ethnic Georgians.?

?I am absolutely sure that not a single country, except Georgia, can guarantee Ossetians? identity, culture, language and literature,? Saakashvili said. ?Empire of lies is still working. One of the biggest lies is that it is possible to incorporate South Ossetia into other state. It will never happen.?

South Ossetian secessionist authorities say they want international recognition of their independence and then joining Russia?s North Ossetian Republic.

?We need patience? It has become evident that our patience, calm and restraint not to yield any provocations have brought results.? he added. ?I am sure that little time is left before full-scale resolution of the conflict.?

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