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Ruling Party MP Speaks of Need for Dialogue

Lack of dialogue between the authorities and the public has resulted in the current political standoff in the country, Guguli Magradze, a lawmaker from the ruling National Movement Party, said in an article published in the daily Rezonansi on October 22.

?The authorities speak about the need to engage in dialogue, but it is not reflected in their deeds,? she writes. ?People with dissenting opinion, as well as political parties and opposition, are part of our society and we, the authorities, should take on board the issues raised by them, consider them or propose alternative, compromise solutions. There would be no need for protest rallies in this case.?
She also pointed out that the public ?sees all the positive gains? made by the authorities, but also thinks ?it would have been possible to have done much more if there had been more effective governance.?
?But it is difficult to engage in dialogue on these issues even in Parliament. Although there are young people in power, there is also a deep-rooted mentality of intolerance towards dissent, which is a holdover from the past,? she writes.

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