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Okruashvili Plans Consultation with Opposition Parties

Ex-Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili said his new party was planning to consult with ?all healthy opposition forces? and called on them ?to forget about past regrets.?

While Minister of Defense, Okruashvili made many enemies among the opposition.

Speaking with supporters in his party headquarters in Tbilisi, Okruashvili also said that the inaugural assembly of his party ? Movement for United Georgia ? would be held on November 15.

He also said that vigorous efforts were underway to develop party infrastructure in the provinces. ?We should launch a movement against fear, which has been seeded by the authorities,? Okruashvili added.

The New Rights, Industrialists and Labor opposition parties have already ruled out forming an alliance with Okruashvili?s party. Although, Kakha Kukava of the Conservative Party said in August that he failed to agree on cooperation with Okruashvili, he did not rule out finding some common ground between his and the new party sometime in the future. The opposition Republican Party currently appears to be the most likely party to cooperate with Okruashvili?s party.

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