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Abkhaz MP Calls for Tough Response

?Tough measures? to safeguard Abkhazia should come as no surprise to the international community, Guram Gumba, the head of breakaway Abkhazia?s parliamentary committee for foreign affairs, said on September 21.

In comments posted on the Abkhaz leader?s official website, he said that a recent Georgian attack on Abkhaz border guards in the Tkvarcheli district, wherein two Abkhaz militiamen were killed, two others injured and seven captured, came about because Sokhumi had failed to respond in kind to recent Georgian provocations.

Tbilisi, on the other hand, claims that its forces intercepted and attacked a group of Abkhaz saboteurs who had infiltrated Georgian-controlled upper Kodori Gorge in breakaway Abkhazia.

?We should take very decisive actions in response,? Gumba said. ?All these developments are the result of the occupation of upper Kodori Gorge by Georgia. Our moderate, non-aggressive stance has turned Georgia?s terrorism threats into a real danger to our security.?

?Georgia?s militarization, the increase in its defense spending, is being carried out with the support of some western powers,? he added. ?We have been warning that providing military assistance to Georgia would destroy security in the region, which may lead to war.?

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