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Batumi Mayor Resigns

Irakli Tavartkiladze, the mayor of Batumi in the Adjaran Autonomous Republic, resigned on August 13.

His resignation came just a few hours after he had denied media speculation that he was to quit.

He told journalists after resigning that he planned ?to continue working in Tbilisi.? The ex-mayor, however, did not explain his decision to resign.

Murman Dumbadze, an opposition lawmaker from the Republican Party in Adjara?s local legislative body, said Tavartkiladze had resigned as a result of pressure from the head of Adjara?s executive government, Levan Varshalomidze. He also said Tavartkiladze was a prot?g? and a close ally of Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava.

?Varshalomidze has prevailed over Ugulava in this particular case and achieved the dismissal of Tavartkiladze,? Dumbadze told Imedi TV on August 13.

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