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Ministers Warned Not to Use State Funds for Medical Treatment

President Saakashvili told government ministers on July 25 that it was inadmissible for them to use state funds to finance their private medical treatment.

Tbilisi-based Imedi TV reported on July 5 that Beso Jugeli, a lawmaker from the ruling party, and Minister Kheviashvili had asked that the state provide 10,000 Swiss francs (USD 8,200) and EUR 1,270, respectively, to pay for their medical treatment.

Healthcare Minister, Lado Chipashvili, however, said at the cabinet meeting that his ministry had ?not transferred even one Tetri for the medical treatment of Kheviashvili.?

?If so,? Saakashvili responded, ?then you should explain this to the public in order to remove all doubt.?

Imedi TV, however, showed in its July 5 report a letter from Minister Chipashvili apparently instructing the Georgian Unified State Fund for Social Insurance to transfer the requested sums.

Neither Kheviashvili, nor Chipashvili have commented on the issue since Imedi TV broke the story.

?All of you [ministers] should pay for insurance from your own salaries? The state has not additional sums to keep you. You have good salaries [GEL 3,000, or almost USD 1,800] and I think, it is conducive for you to be honest and non-corrupt and not to take anything from the state,? Saakashvili said.

Neither the president nor Minister Chipashvili mentioned Beso Jugeli?s case.

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