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Moscow Rejects Talks with Sanakoev

Moscow has reiterated on June 27 that it would not engage in talks with the Tbilisi-loyal South Ossetian provisional administration. The Kurta-based authorities, it said, were not a party in the conflict.

?Moscow understands well where the power lies in South Ossetia and whom the overwhelming majority of the population really supports. To contradict this logic would be unnatural. It is impossible to turn away from Tskhinvali and initiate contacts with Tbilisi?s representatives on the ground, who do not constitute a party in the conflict and have no attitude towards the negotiating process,? the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

?Generally, we find it senseless to discuss anything at the local level, if it is possible to hold talks directly with the central authorities in Tbilisi.?

The statement was made in response to recent media speculation, which suggested that Moscow was considering shifting its support from the Tskhinvali-based secessionist authorities to the Tbilisi-loyal administration led by Dimitri Sanakoev.
?Such speculation, which misrepresents Russian policy, will only mislead the public and will not promote confidence building between the participants of the negotiating process,? the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

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