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Tensions Reported over S.Ossetia Road

Authorities in breakaway South Ossetia said on June 15 they have deployed forces in west of capital Tskhinvali to prevent the Georgian side from construction of a new road in the region.

?Situation remains tense. The Georgian side has deployed up to 160-strong special purpose unit at the border with the [Ossetian] village of Khetagurovo ? venue where [the Georgian side?s] strategic road is expected to be constructed. The South Ossetian side has also deployed additional posts of the Interior Ministry at this section in order to prevent construction of the road. [Russian] peacekeeping troops have been deployed between the [Georgian and Ossetian] sides in order to prevent provocations,? the South Ossetian Press and Information Committee said on June 15.

The Georgian side is constructing a new road to directly link two Georgian villages ? Nikozi in the south of Tskhinvali and Avnevi in the west of Tskhinvali.

One road, which bypasses the South Ossetian-controlled areas, linking Avnevi with the Georgian-administrated areas of the region already exists. But officials in Tbilisi say that the new road became necessary after the South Ossetia side blocked the roads towards the Georgian villages in the west of Tskhinvali.

The South Ossetia side, however, claims that the new road will have a strategic importance because it will give an access to the highway towards Tskhinvali, which will be an advantage in case of hostilities.

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