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Saakashvili Speaks of Progress in Georgian Armed Forces

President Saakashvili hailed the progress achieved by the Georgian armed forces recently, saying that the rate of improvement and modernization of the army were significant.

President Saakashvili was speaking at the Vaziani military base on April 30. He was there to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Georgian Armed Forces.

President Saakashvili said that 1,000 new officers would serve in the armed forces in the near future.

?Thousands of our young people are undergoing training in the reserves? and our expectations regarding their training are very optimistic,? he said.

He stressed that the army should be confident of its own strength, because ?only those will gain a victory, who make no doubt of their truth, and not those who are stronger physically.?

?Another important issue is that we should take the lead. Our opponents should not be able to force down their rules of the game. We should answer their every step with ten steps? and then even the smallest army will be able to gain an advantage,? Saakashvili said.

He also noted that the Georgian army was strong because of its multi-ethnicity and consolidation.

?Regardless of our different opinions, we will never put our personal ambitions above our national interests, especially today, when someone tries to create problems for Georgia,? President Saakashvili said.

?Who is Georgia?s enemy today? Georgia has no enemies among ethnic groups or our citizens? All those, who lift a hand against Georgia?s integrity and the security of our people and citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, citizenship, number or strength, will become our enemies,? he said.

President Saakashvili also spoke about Georgia?s defense policy.

?The key function of the Georgian armed forces is not to attack someone and make a mess somewhere, but to protect our territorial integrity, our borders and the security of our citizens,? he said.

?Our main victories, successes and our unique role in history are still ahead,? Saakashvili added. 

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