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Tbilisi Demands Moscow to Extradite Ex-Security Chief

The Georgian Foreign Ministry urged the Russian side to implement immediate measures for the detention and extradition of Igor Giorgadze, ex-security chief of Georgia, who is wanted for a failed terrorist attack against ex-President Shevardnadze, to the Georgian side.

?Notwithstanding the Georgian side?s repeated appeals, notes and statements on the inadmissibility of affording air time to a person wanted by Interpol, Igor Giorgadze appeared again on December 4, 2005 in the TV company TVC?s program ‘Moment Istini’ (Moment of Truth), launching into insulting allegations against the Georgian President and Government,? the statement issued by the Georgian Foreign Ministry on December 5 reads.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry expressed “bewilderment” at the fact that the person who has been on Interpol?s wanted list since 1995 on counts of terrorism and masterminding attempts on the life of the Georgian President and “whose whereabouts remain still elusive to the Russian law enforcement agencies,” turns out to be available to Russian journalists.

?The Georgian Foreign Ministry considers these facts a deliberate provocation by the Russian Federation and an unfriendly move, as well as an infringement of international commitments,? the statement reads.

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