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Another TV Channel Closes Down

The Tbilisi-based Iberia TV Company announced on May 17 about suspending of the news programs, because of the financial problems. It is expected that the television will cease broadcasting as well in coming days.

The Iberia TV company is owned by the Omega Group ? a company which has been probed by the General Prosecutor?s Office for alleged tax evasion since February. The bank accounts of the company have been frozen.

The Omega Group, which is owned by former MP Zaza Okuashvili and his wife, also former MP Nato Chkheidze, were Adjarian ex-leader Aslan Abashidze?s supporters and his party members. The Iberia television often voiced the criticism of the authorities.

Another Tbilisi-based TV company Channel 9 was unexpectedly closed down in early April. Administration of the Channel 9 gave no specified reasons of suspension of broadcasting.


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