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Draft Law on Bailing Out from Military Service Approved

(Tbilisi, June 22, Civil Georgia) – Georgian Parliament unanimously approved the amendments in the law on military service presented by the Ministry of Defense (MoD), which considers bailing out of military service on June 21.

According to the draft each person could pay a fee of 200 GEL (approximately USD 100) to delay the service for a year.

According to the MoD the law will enable the Ministry to accumulate up to 16 million GEL (approximately 8 million USD) annually.

The new draft does not imply the ability to fully bail out from the service. Every 26-year-old male citizen will be obliged to undergo 6 or 12 month compulsory training, and join the military reserve. 

According to existing laws, each 18-year-old male citizen of Georgia is obliged to serve in the Georgian armed forces. However, numerous loopholes exist for evading conscription and drafting to the army fails to reach the target figures year after year.

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