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Initiative About Constitutional Amendments Concerning Abkhazia

(Tbilisi, June 20, Civil Georgia) – Tamaz Nadareishvili, Head of Tbilisi-based Supreme Council of Abkhazia, made an initiative about constitutional amendments concerning status of Abkhazia in the Parliament today.

According to the initiative, phrase “Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia” should replace “Abkhazia” in the Constitution. 

The Parliament was supposed to discuss the status of Abkhazia today but the discussion was postponed. The Parliament decided to call a special session concerning the mater in July. Nadareishvili made the statement just because of the procedure as the discussion of Abkhazia’s status was planned for today.

Hundreds of IDPs gathered in front of the Parliament building this morning. They demand that MPs discuss the following matters: identification of status of Abkhazia, withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone and initiating face-to-face dialogue with the Abkhazian side.


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