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Georgian-Russian Defense Ministries Cooperation on Pankisi not on the Agenda

(Tbilisi, February 26, Civil Georgia) – “Georgia is a sovereign state and must decide for itself how to combat Chechen gunmen. As for cooperation in this connection between the two Defense Ministries, I can say that this is not on the agenda,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov told web site.

Ivanov stated that Chechen gunmen in Pankisi gorge have built themselves a “hornets’ nest, unfortunately, the gorge is still not under the control of official Tbilisi and remains a source of crime”.

Georgia intends to cooperate with the United States to combat criminals and terrorist in Pankisi. In the nearest days US military experts are to visit Georgia to train Defense Ministry’s antiterrorist unit.

Georgian Deputy Defense Minister says that on the first stage officers will be trained and then the soldiers.  


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