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Reformers Satisfied With Visit to the USA

(Tbilisi, February 19, Civil Georgia) – MP Mikheil Saakashvili summarized Georgian Parliamentary delegation’s visit to the United States at the news briefing on February 19. He stated that the delegation members visited the USA as the representatives of the opposition.  

“In the USA Georgia was identified to its President’s person, so disappointment with Eduard Shevardnadze’s policy caused frustration with Georgia as well. Our visit to the United States aimed to demonstrate that Georgia is not only the existing corrupted government, but there is also the democratic opposition that can effectively pass reforms in the country,” Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

Together with Saakashvili, former Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania, MP Revaz Adamia and former Tax Revenue Minister Mikheil Machavariani were members of the Georgian delegation.

MPs held meeting with the representatives of the US Department of State and Senate. National Democratic Institute of the USA invited Georgian MPs.  Visit was held on February 9-18.


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