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OSCE Supports Georgian Language Program Implementation

(Tbilisi, February 8, Civil Georgia) – OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Rolf Ekeus stated at the meeting with Georgian Parliamentary Chairperson on February 7 that OSCE support Georgian to draw a law on Georgia’s state language.

Rolf Ekeus also stated the organization will assist Georgia to implement a law among national minorities in Georgia.

Some members of parliament believe that the law should be adopted only after special education program targeted at ethnic minorities is fully implemented, because according to the draft law, citizens of Georgia will have no right to take offices in civil service if they do not know the Georgian language.

OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Rolf Ekeus arrived in Georgia on February 6 and plans to visit Samtskhe-Javakheti, region in southern Georgia, where large number of ethnic Armenian minority lives.


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