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Transition Period for CUG

(Tbilisi. December 22. Civil Georgia) – Citizens’ Union of Georgia (CUG) party meeting ended without any tensions. “Holding the meeting without any tensions was possible because of the compromise between the opposing sides,” former Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania state at the assembly today.

As anticipated the CUG members decided to cancel the post of the party Chairman.

9 high officials of the party formed the council, which will lead the party before the next meeting. The meeting is to be held not later than May 15 2002. Before the next meeting CUG high officials agreed to reorganize the party. This period will be transitional for the CUG.

Zurab Zhvania is elected on post of the Chairman of the council. Former General Secretary of the CUG Edward Surmanidze is the deputy Chairman.

Levan Mamaladze, Governor of Kvemo Kartli region, who was regarded to be the opposing side of Zhvania’s team, stated at the meeting today that CUG high officials made their best to avoid collapse of the party.

President Shevardnadze remains a common member of the party. He quitted the post of the party Chairman in September. 

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