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Georgia May Ask CoE for Prolongation of Deadline for Repatriation of Deported Meskhs

(Tbilisi. December 14. Civil Georgia) – Member of the governmental commission working on the issue of repatriation of Meskhs Eldar Shengelaia stated that at least 20 years are necessary to repatriate deported Meskhs to Georgia.

Repatriation of Meskhs before 2012 was one of the stipulation laid down by the Council of Europe when Georgia joined the organization in 1999.

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights Elene Tevdoradze stated today that adoption of the law on return of the deported Meskhs must be postponed. However, Georgia is obliged to adopt the law not later than year 2002.

In January 2002 delegation of the Council of Europe is going study the situation regarding implementation these obligations in Georgia.

Meskhs were deported from Georgia in 1944, during Stalin’s regime. Majority of them lives in Stavropol region, Russia nowadays.


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