Abkhazian Government in Exile Criticize UN Special Envoy

(Tbilisi. November 27. Civil Georgia) – Government of Abkhazia in exile, composed of the Georgian members of the Abkhaz government fled during the war of 1992-1993, holds a meeting on November 27. UN special envoy in Georgia Dieter Boden is invited on the meeting.

Head of Abkhazian government Tamaz Nadareishvili stated that UN special envoy is defending Abkhazian secessionists’ interests.

On the other hand, Dieter Boden has complains towards the Abkhazian government in exile and he will state about it on the meeting today.

Head of Abkhazian government in exile Tamaz Nadareishvili is for solving the conflict in Abkhazia with the military means.


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