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Danger of War Poses Threat to Georgia

The Resonance; The Dilis Gazeti; The Akhali Taoba

The main theme of today’s press is Russia threatening Georgia because of Chechen guerrillas thought to be on its territory. “Tension in the relationship between Russia and Georgia has reached a peak. The informational was Russia has initiated against Georgia might grow into military actions soon”, the Resonance states.

Head of the Defense and Security Committee Giorgi Baramidze was the first to officially admit that Georgians, Chechens and other Caucasian people, whose total number is 400, are in self-declared Abkhazian republic, the territory of which is not controlled by Georgian government. Armed clash has occurred between the group and Abkhazians. The armed group may be fulfilling orders of Russian special agencies; the events currently taking place in Georgia are provocative aiming to involve Georgia into Caucasian war, Baramidze told the Resonance.

According to official information, Russian military vehicles are gathered nearby Georgian border. Two Russian divisions are mobilized in Sochi and Adler. Russian soldiers and vehicles are noticed to be freely moving through Georgian territory without Georgian State Defense Ministry’s permission. Besides, Russian military headquarters in the Caucasus is under particular regime. 

The situation in the Georgian government is different though. The press is positive that Georgian state officials are unable to reach an agreement regarding the issue. “Together with undefined and confusing position of authorities Georgian population is becoming more and more worried and concerned”, the Dilis Gazeti states. Expert at Caucasus issues Mamuka Areshidze talks about the feebleness of Georgian state officials but claims that even though it is quite late the government started to pass definite measures for avoiding an armed conflict. Georgian law enforcers are also involved in the expected provocation in advantage of Russia, he said.

President Putin has given 3 weeks to Georgia, the Akhali Taoba says. “In this time period Georgia should hand Chechen guerrillas to Russia otherwise is will bomb the country”. On the other hand, according to the Dilis Gazeti, the time limit given to Georgia is 72 hours only. Russia is planning to pass strict measures against terrorists and their supporters afterwards.


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