Killed Chechens Are Being Buried in Pankisi

According to confidential sources, on September 26th approximately 3 deceased Chechens were carried to Pankisi valley. The bodies would be buried today. The source says, based on Kists of Pankisi and Chechen population, that these persons were killed by explosion of a land mine in Abkhazian (or near Abkhazian) territory. The bodies were carried through Georgian territory.

Yesterday Russian news agency Interfax distributed information, saying that Chechen and Georgian armed groups intruded Abkhazian territory from Kodori valley. Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for defense and Security has earlier confirmed existence of Chechen guerilla groups on the territory, which is not under Georgian control. President Shevardnadze admitted during today’s Meeting of the Government existence of terrorists in Georgia, however he did not indicate their places of their location.

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