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Russia Wants to Induce Georgia in Caucasian War

The Dilis Gazeti; The Resonance

Russian special agencies might bomb Kodori and Pankisi Gorges, Georgia. Security Council of Russia has been talking about the issue for a long time, – former minister of state security, MP Irakli Batiashvili announced at the press conference yesterday. Russia will try to use the conflict situation created in the world in its advantage and punish “disobedient” countries, Georgia among them.

“Danger posing threat to our country is very much worth considering”, the Dilis Gazeti states. Batiashvili claims that he is informed about “the antiterrorist operation plan”, which has already been overviewed in the Security Council of Russia and Moscow aims to persuade Washington D.C. in the necessity of this operation now. Even though USA will not support Russia’s intention to bomb the territory of Georgia Russia will use force anyway, the MP presumes.

Motivation of the Caucasian war thought to begin on the territory of Georgia is Chechen refugees in the country. “It is thought that Russia will not quit accusing Georgia of terrorism until the refugees leave the territory. “Spot bombings” are also expected from our northern neighbor”, the Resonance states.

In case there are in deed Chechen “boeviks” in Georgia international society will not blame Russia in case of bombing. So it is time to determine the truth whether there are Chechen terrorists in Kodori and Pankisi Gorges or the information is false. Georgian government should make corresponding actions in order to guarantee the country’s security afterwards, the Dilis Gazeti states. 


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