It Has Been Eight Months Since Two Spanish Businessmen Were Kidnapped in Georgia

Georgian press often writes about the kidnapped people in Georgia, the number of which is about ten. Today’s Resonance pays attention to two Spanish businessmen kidnapped from Tbilisi airport on November 30 last year. Their present condition and place of existence is still unknown. According to local and foreign press, the Spanish businessmen are kept in the Pankisi Valley. The idea is supported by Elene Tevdoradze, head of the Human Rights Defense Committee in the Parliament, who is actively involved in studding the kidnapping cases in Georgia.

The Spanish government is discontented that it has not received any information concerning the kidnapped from Tbilisi. “What could Georgia inform it about while even after eight months from the case Georgian law enforcers have no information on the Spanish businessmen!” the Resonance states. 

According to head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Parliament Nino Burjanadze, the kidnapped are alive and death does not pose threat to them. The problem is the amount (half a million dollars) the kidnappers are asking for.

The Spanish Parliament is planning to call for special debates concerning the issue of two Spanish businessmen kidnapped in Georgia. The Georgian Parliament hopes that the problem will be solved by September. Low quality of Georgian law enforcers’ work has bad effect on other spheres in the country as well. The Resonance supposes that as a result of the kidnap the Council of Europe may not transfer 24 million dollars for rehabilitation of agriculture in Georgia.

It is thought that the Spanish had a casino business in Georgia and they might be kidnapped by order of their rival, Giorgi Baramidze, head of the Defense and Security Committee in the Parliament, told the Resonance.


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