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Giorgi Sanaia, a Famous Georgian Journalist, was Found Murdered in His Own Flat

Giorgi Sanaia, a leading journalist of the news company Rustavi-2, was found murdered with a gun in his own flat in the evening yesterday, July 26. The murder is thought to be committed at about 5-6 a.m.

Maia Nikoleishvili, expert of the Justice Ministry, told the Resonance that it has not been found yet which type of gun it had been shot from and how many shots had killed the journalist. No other kind of violence has been found on the body.

Press representatives gathered in the house of journalists late in the evening yesterday. They prepared an announcement. The final text will be published in upcoming days. “The most sad thing was that we found it hard to select the right addressee who we would trust and relay on”, the Dilis Gazeti states. The fact that the press does not have faith in the law enforcers is also obvious from the cynical statement of the Resonance: “Journalists were not let in (to see the body) probably because not to see a prosecutor standing next to the dead body and smiling” (Vendi Benidze, the General Prosecutor Deputy, standing next to the murdered appeared on TV and he was smiling indeed).

“We are all horrified with the death of Giorgi Sanaia! This fact is a logical result of that atmosphere of anarchy and impunity which has been created in the country”, the Dilis Gazeti states.

“It is yet early to make any presumptions whether the murder of Giorgi Sanaia was ordered or not”, Gia Meparishvili, the General Prosecutor, told the Resonance. Very many people gathered around the building where Sanaia lived. They were requesting that the law enforcers say the truth: “Tell us what is going on”,  “Giorgi has been killed, a guy who was always saying the truth”, etc.

“No one knows who will be the next sacrifice, and weather killer of killers will be caught and whether the truth will be finally found”, the Resonance states.


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