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Elene Tevdoradze Is Scared to Give Information Away

There was a riot in the Pankisi Valley (Kakheti) about a week ago. Elene Tevdoradze, head of the human rights defense committee in the Parliament, held meetings with local criminals and was well acknowledged in the situation existing there. It seems, she was regarded as a reliable person and was given certain information. “She officially announces that she is scared to give it away… She does not trust the Prosecutor’s Office (according to her, the Prosecutor’s Office persecutes her and her family), and she is scared of the Minister of Internal Affairs”, “the Dilis Gazeti” says.

According to Elene Tevdoradze, many authorities are to blame for the criminal conditions created in the Pankisi Valley. The consideration has been made by press long time ago but the statement of Elene Tevdoradze is much more serious and trustworthy rather than simple supposition of the press.

The newspaper considers that political riot in Pankisi, struggle against drug dealers and special operations and staff adjustments in the Internal Ministry are actually related to each other. According to it, drug business would not exist there if authorities on high positions were not lobbing it. Kakha Targamadze, Minister of Internal Affairs, is thought to be one of the lobbyists. The belief is supported by a doubt that staff adjustments will not touch those who protect drug business in Kakheti.

Another fact is worth pointing out also. According to Elene Tevdoradze, a person with criminal history used to lead the public detached force in the Pankisi Valley. It was created by local population in order to defend people from criminals. She has been informed that Luka Ramazashvili (leader of the public detached force) is accused of murdering several Kists. The Interior Minister strictly denies the version.

The newspaper makes a bold statement saying: “In short, everything leads to further riot in Kakheti”.

The Dilis Gazeti


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