Query Launched Into Release of Saakashvili Footage

The Personal Data Protection Service announced on 15 December that it has started to look into the release of video recordings of imprisoned ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili at Viva Medi Clinic by the Special Penitentiary Service.

The Penitentiary Service released the footage on 14 December citing “high public interest” in the matter. The video, which is roughly 10 minutes long, depicts scenes that show the ex-President in various states of health. He can also be seen arguing with staff and throwing objects at them several times throughout the video. Notably, the video also shows Saakashvili falling out of bed at times and in the final 20 seconds – dated 12 December 2022 – using a walker.

Saakashvili’s lawyer Shalva Khachapuridze told Formula TV the day that the footage was released that “the [distribution of the footage] is a criminal offense.” “This video material, i.e. personal data, was made public without the prisoner’s permission,” he explained.

Khachapuridze also drew attention to the fact that the video was heavily edited and showed different periods from August to December, “presented from the point of view that is advantageous to the government.”

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