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Parliament Speaker Visits Brussels

Freshly-appointed Parliament Speaker Kakha Kuchava is visiting Brussels on May 16-20, where he has already met European Parliament Vice-President Klára Dobrev and Belgian Parliament’s Chamber of Representatives President Eliane Tillieux.

At the May 17 meeting with the EP Vice-President, the sides talked about Georgia’s plan to apply for European Union membership in 2024, and the implementation of the EU-brokered April 19 deal. “We discussed the path to tomorrow,” Speaker Kuchava stated, adding that moving forward, Georgia needs to deliver on its commitments taken up with the agreement as well as develop a “modern European political culture.”

With the Belgian Chamber of Representatives President, Speaker Kuchava discussed Georgia’s prospects in tourism and for attracting foreign direct investments, the Parliament’s press office reported on May 18.

On his first official visit in the capacity of Parliament Speaker, Kakha Kuchava is accompanied by Vice-Speaker Levan Ioseliani, and European Integration Committee Chair Maka Bochorishvili.

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