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Prosecution: Subeliani Recordings Obtained through Coercion, Possibly Staged

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office announced today that the recently-released audio recording implicating high-ranking Georgian Dream officials in case-fixing, was obtained from an employee of the prison facility through coercion.

In a statement released on October 15, the Prosecutor’s Office said an inquiry into the recordings was launched on October 12 upon request of the prison officer (identified by initials – I.P.), who was reportedly pressured to release tapes containing inmate Mirza Subeliani’s conversations.

The Prosecutor’s Office said I.P. was blackmailed by an unidentified individual, threatening to release “videos depicting his private life” (usually, an euphemism for incriminating sex tapes). No details were provided, as to whether the Subeliani recording was originally authorized by respective prison officials.

The Prosecutor’s Office said investigation into the matter was opened on four charges – unlawful collection and disclosure of personal information; coercion, unauthorized recording and use of private communication; and abuse of official powers.

“All necessary investigative and operative steps are being carried out to identify persons involved in this crime, as well as on allegations voiced in the covert recording,” it noted.

The Prosecutor’s Office added that following “preliminary analysis” of the audio recordings, the investigation “is actively considering the version that the recordings could have been staged by a group of individuals for future use.”

The Office also reported that it had found several other covert tapes in I.P.’s memory card, which, together with the one published by Rustavi 2 TV, will undergo through forensic analysis.

Prosecution did not comment on substance of the recorded conversations, which implicates senior officials in case-fixing and other offenses.

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