Prosecutor’s Office Will Go On Strike

Secret of Prosecutor-General Gia Meparishvili Remains a Mystery

By Giorgi Sepashvili, Civil Georgia

Employees of the Prosecutor’s office make an ultimatum to the government. They demand return of former Prosecutor-General Gia Meparishvili to the office.

On November 4 Gia Meparishvili, who has been forced to resign 3 days earlier, held a farewell meeting with the staff of the office. The meeting appeared to be too “noisy”. Hundreds of prosecutors and investigators declared that they would not continue conducting their duties if Shevardnadze does not restore Meparishvili to his post.

They called upon their former boss to deliver to the public the truth, which he was going to disclose at the special session of the Parliament on November 1st. Meparishvili has promise to the parliamentarians to name all reasons of ongoing events in Tbilisi, that have resulted in resignation of the whole government. However, members of the parliament did not consider necessary to hear Meparishvili’s report.

Former Prosecutor-General had an opportunity to say the truth same day via First Channel of the State Television, however he chose not to talk in live air. He stated that his report would be published next day in printed media, but it did not happen so far.

Gia Meparishvili did not disclose the information to his colleagues either, because, as he said, this would put stability under the threat. “I am not kind of man who hides in the bushes. Time comes when I will say everything. Now we have to keep stability” -said Meparishvili. Thus, disclosure of truth by former Prosecutor-General has been postponed for unknown period.

However, reaction of the prosecutors and investigators to this statement was very drastic. They decided to stop working untill Meparishvili returns to his post and the truth is revealed.

Tina Khidasheli from the non-governmental organization “Young Lawyers Association” says that this decision is illegal “because prosecutors does not have right to go on strike. This contradicts with the Constitution of Georgia”.

On November 5 employees of the Prosecutor’s Office changed their demands. As the Office’s press-center says, prosecutors and investigators will continue working but they would keep demanding restoration of Meparishvili to his post. They are going to send President Shevardnadze special address with their demands.

“If President would not satisfy our demands, then we would ‘open the brackets'” says the press center. Prosecutors mean telling the truth under ‘open the brackets’.

On November 5 President said that Meparishvili’s return is “less probable” and added, that Meparishvili is a professional lawyer and he would find proper job for him. However, Shevardnadze did not clarify what does he mean under “proper job”.

Meparishvili was appointed to the post of Prosecutor-General 8 months ago. Even though Zhvania supported him, rest of reformers wing of the parliament has been opposing this appointment. Koba Davitashvili and Elene Tevdoradze have been particularly against Meparishvili’s candidature.

Zurab Zhvania was one to strongly demand from Meparishvili to resign on November 1.

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