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Tskhinvali Claims its Post Attacked

Tskhinvali said that its border post in the village of Karzmani was attacked in early hours of September 29 with use of automatic rifles and underbarrel grenade launchers.

Breakaway South Ossetia’s state security service said that its troops on the post did not return fire, but as a result of “search operation” they captured “on the South Ossetian territory, close to the state border line an employee of the Georgian MIA [Ministry of Internal Affairs]” armed with M4 assault rifle with underbarrel grenade launcher.

It also said that the attack took place at 3:40am local time on Saturday, the breakaway region’s official news agency, RES, reported.

The village of Karzmani is located on the western edge of the breakaway region’s administrative boundary line not too far from the town of Sachkhere in western region of Imereti.

A spokesman for the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM) said the mission was checking the information.


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