Funding Restored for Six Opposition Parties

State funding for six opposition parties, which have refused to enter the Parliament, has been restored as a result of the draft law passed by the legislative body with its third and final reading on December 30.

The decision also envisages setting up of a special foundation – also financed by the state – which will fund political parties in their efforts to develop institutionally. A total of GEL 6 million will be allocated for the funding of parties, including GEL 2.1 million earmarked for the foundation.

According to the paper, which was available in the Parliament, the scheme of party funding for 2009 is as follows:

  • The ruling National Movement – GEL 2,040,185 directly from the state budget and additional GEL 213,000 from the special foundation;
  • Labor Party – GEL 497,338 from the budget and GEL 106,000 from the foundation;
  • Conservatives – GEL 354,748 and GEL 106,000 from the foundation;
  • Christian-Democratic Party – GEL 786,651  and GEL 213,000 from the foundation;
  • Industrialists – GEL 345,947 and GEL 106,000 from the foundation;
  • Republican Party – GEL 354,748 and GEL 106,000 from the foundation;
  • Georgian Troupe – GEL 109,607 and  GEL 23,000 from the foundation;
  • On Our Own – GEL 116 807 and GEL 23,000 from the foundation. 

Each of those six parties, which funding has been resumed as a result of the amendments into the law will consist of GEL 102,407 from the budget and GEL 23,000 from the foundation. These parties are: Georgia’s Way, Party of People, Movement for United Georgia, National Forum, New Rights and Freedom

The special foundation, envisaged by the law, will be composed of the representatives from international and non-governmental organizations. The parties will only be eligible to use funds from that foundation for public opinion and other types of research purposes, as well as for covering cost of business trips and trainings for the party activists.  

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