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‘We Trust British Police’ – Patarkatsishvili Family

Badri Patarkatsishvili’s family said in a statement that it “fully trusts the professionalism of the British police and forensic experts.” It also revealed that his body would be brought back from Britain and buried in Georgia as soon as the cause of death was asertained.

The British police said, according to the Financial Times, that initial inquires, including a preliminary post-mortem, suggested that Patarkatsishvili had collapsed after complaining of chest pains in a manner consistent with the symptoms of coronary heart disease.

However, police added that they planned to carry out tests for poison in the body of Patarkatsishvili to see if there was any evidence of “outside factors” contributing to his death. Local police in Surrey, Britain where Patarkatsishvili died late on February 12, said “extensive toxicology testing is yet to be carried out. This will take a number of weeks.”

In a written statement issued on February 15 the Patarkatsishvili family also expressed their gratitude to the Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church for his “sincere words” about Patarkatsishvili. Ilia II praised Patarkatsishvili as “a great person, whose name will live on in Georgian history.”

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