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The Georgian Young Lawyers Association, The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, Transparency International Georgia, and New Generation New Initiative agreed to coordinate pre-election, election day and election result summarization monitoring activities.

The four organizations have also opened a media centre to provide timely and reliable information about the monitoring of the 2008 presidential elections, advise voters on the election procedures and collect information on possible violations in the election process.  The Media Centre receives financial support from the Open Society – Georgia Foundation.

The Media Centre will operate from December 26 until the final announcement of the election results.  The Media Centre will provide information on the following:
Prior to the elections

• Possible misuse of administrative resources during the pre-election campaign
• Allocation of air time and print space between the candidates
• Campaign financing
• Activities of the central, district and precinct election commissions
• Compliance of the pre-election procedures with the law
• On the Election Day
• The voting process
• Any violations of voting procedures
• Vote count in the precincts
• Parallel vote tabulation (PVT)
• Post-elections
• Consolidation of election results by the Central Election Commission
• Election-related Legal disputes
The Media Centre operates a hotline service to collect information from the voters on any possible violations or discrepancies, also to advise voters on voting procedures. The hotline number is 15 27 00.

17, Leselidze Street,
Phone: (995 32) 93 29 59,
For additional information, please contact Maia Mikashavidze (cell: 899 589704) or Nino Danelia (cell: 893 531425).


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