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Nine-Party Coalition Comments on Recent Developments

Davit Usupashvili, leader of the opposition Republican Party, has condemned what he called the illegal methods used by both the authorities and ?other forces,? apparently referring to Badri Patarkatsishvili.

Speaking on behalf of the nine-party opposition coalition, of which the Republican Party is a member, Usupashvili said on December 26: ?We assess the recent developments as an attempt by the authorities to retain power through non-free and rigged elections, which they will then blame on another force, which as we have seen has been planning to change the government through the same methods.?
?We have nothing in common with either of these forces,? he continued. ?We are fulfilling the people?s order to change the government through free and fair elections. We are preparing for this and we call on everyone to express their position at the polling stations on January 5 and to change the government through elections.?

The nine-party opposition coalition backs Levan Gachechiladze in the presidential race. Gachechiladze said a few days ago on a Rustavi 2 TV political talk show that he would, if elected, accept Patarkatsishvili?s financial support to beef up state coffers.


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