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OSCE Interim Report on Election Campaign

The legal framework is generally favorable to the conduct of democratic elections in Georgia, if implemented in good faith, an interim report by the OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission issued on December 21 said.

The report, which covers the period between December 6 and December 13, pointed out that the election campaign was carried out in “a highly polarized political environment.”

“Opposition candidates have expressed deep mistrust in the election administration and have alleged that they are unable to compete equally with the incumbent. They have also alleged widespread pressure on voters, in particular on state employees,” it said. “The authorities, for their part, have suggested that the opposition is not willing to respect the outcome of the election.”

Referring to the closure of Imedi TV on November 7 by the authorities, the report said that “it is of concern that broadcasts of important alternative source of information were temporally suspended in the run-up to the election.” Imedi TV resumed broadcasts on December 12.

The observation mission is also conducting quantitative and qualitative monitoring of five TV stations and six daily and weekly newspapers. Results will be forthcoming in subsequent reports.


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