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Acting President Burjanadze Addresses Nation

Nino Burjanadze, Georgia?s acting President, in a televised address to the nation called for ?calm and restraint? ahead of the early presidential polls ?in order to maintain stability in the country.?

She regretted having to assume presidential duties for the second time, saying she had done so because of ?extraordinary developments? in the country. Burjanadze served as the acting president after the 2003 Rose Revolution after Eduard Shevardnadze resigned.

?We need stability in order to hold elections in a normal atmosphere,? Burjanadze said. ?I will spare no efforts to hold free and democratic elections. We should do our utmost in order not to give even the slightest reason to anyone both within and outside the country to question [the fairness] of the upcoming elections.?

She also said that although there had been some mistakes made by the government in the past, they should not overshadow the achievements the country had made in the last four years.

?I call on the each citizen to think long and hard before casting a ballot,? Burjanadze said. ?Mistakes have been made, but I ask citizens before casting their ballots, to consider whether the last four years have brought success or failure and mistakes??

She said that the vote was ?a very important test? for the country, ?but I am sure we will successfully pass this test.?

Burjanadze also pledged that state structures and agencies would ?successfully and effectively? function ?during this transitional period.?

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