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Patarkatsishvili’s Statement on Plans to Finance Opposition

Recent developments, including wave of protest rallies makes me think that the country is on the verge of a serious political crisis. Statements and actions of politicians, in the most cases, even further strains situation. 

I hope everyone, first and foremost the authorities, fully understand the responsibility they have to prevent provocations that may trigger developments beyond the constitutional frames. This will be lose-lose situation, especially for the Georgian people.

I think today it is a responsibility of every person to help the country in order to find a solution to the existing situation.

Opposition’s scarce finances may become one of the reasons behind possibility of dangerous developments. Time is needed for everyone to fully acknowledge and understand what the society demands and based on this knowledge undertake certain steps.

As a result, I have decided to provide financial assistance to the National Council of Unified Public Movement [a body coordinating joint campaign of ten opposition parties] to help them secure management of protest rallies in a civilized manner.

I fully support demands outlined by [ten opposition parties] in their joint manifesto.

I believe that the developments will not go beyond the constitutional frames and the opposition will remain united and committed to principles outlined in the manifesto. I think this [manifesto] reflects demands of the Georgian people and I also share these [principles] as an ordinary citizen of this country.


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