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‘Burjanadze’s Remarks not Discussed’ – Ruling Party MP Says

Lawmakers from the ruling National Movement party said after meeting with President Saakashvili that “only future plans” had been discussed and Parliamentary Chairperson Nino Burjanadze’s harsh comments on the Executive hadn’t been raised at the meeting.

President Saakashvili met with lawmakers from his ruling party in the evening on September 5, a day after Nino Burjanadze complained about being sidelined in consultations prior to a recent cabinet reshuffle. She also came out against the nomination of the ex-finance minister, Lexo Alexishvili, for the position of the central bank chief.

“This issue wasn’t discussed at all,” Giga Bokeria, an influential lawmakers from the ruling party, said after the meeting. “We discussed much more important issues, including foreign policy… and the pre-election campaign.”

Bokeria also said that he believed Burjanadze’s remarks had received “a disproportionate response.”

“She really has a different opinion about Alexishvili’s nomination… but there is no need to dramatize the situation,” he said.

Bokeria pointed out that Alexishvili had actually been nominated for a position on the Board of the central bank and consultations would continue to push ahead with his endorsement. A nominee for the central bank chief should first become a member of the Board.

Bokeria also firmly rejected suggestions of a “political split” within the ruling majority in Parliament.

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