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Tskhinvali Partly Reopens Roads

Authorities of breakaway South Ossetia reopened road towards the Znauri district which is located in the west from the capital Tskhinvali, but the road in the direction of Tamarasheni and other Georgian villages in the north remain closed, according to the office of Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Issues.

Meanwhile, Russian chief negotiator for South Ossetian conflict issues Yuri Popov is expected to arrive in Tbilisi on May 15. After holding talks with Georgian officials he plans to travel to Tskhinvali, the office of Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Issues reported.

Tensions increased in the region after Tbilisi appointed its loyal alternative South Ossetian leader, Dimitri Sanakoev, as head of the provisional administration of the region on May 10.

In response, South Ossetian secessionist leader Eduard Kokoity ordered the closure of roads and the blockade of Georgian villages in the region starting from May 11 ? the day when Sanakoev addressed the Georgian parliament.

A Georgian policemen and a resident of Tskhinvali were reportedly injured as a result of a shootout which occurred in the conflict zone late on May 12.

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