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Ombudsman Reports on Human Rights

Georgian Public Defender Sozar Subari has delivered a report to the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Civil Integration on the country’s human rights record in 2006.

The report includes particular details of human rights violations, judiciary problems, human rights abuses by various governmental structures, excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies, the current situation in the penitential system, as well the protection of property rights.

During his speech the Public Defender again focused on the investigations carried out by the prosecutor?s office into the Sandro Girgvliani and Amiran Robakidze murder cases.

?[Sandro Girgvliani?s] trial was a precedent, as the most high-profile murder case in Georgia?s recent history ended in the shortest period of time, and only six trials took place. The court has practically denied all motions which would have cast light over this case and settle our doubts regarding those persons who might have been behind the crime. Hence, the judge himself has compromised the independence and impartiality of the court,? Subari said on April 26.

Both the ruling majority and the opposition confirmed that the Public Defender?s report was very critical.

?Of course, it is critical and adequate. It is natural that the Public Defender has such a radical position, however not a single member of the government will like it,? Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights Elene Tevdoradze told reporters.

The opposition welcomed the report saying that the Public Defender?s position was different from that of the ruling majority.

Prior to submitting the 2006 report to Parliament, the Parliamentary Committee will once again hear from the Public Defender. 


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