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Zhvania, Saakashvili Say Street Protests will Follow Election Fraud

(Tbilisi, June 1, Civil Georgia) – “Violations [in pre-election procedures] are so vivid and prevasive that elections should wither be delayed for maximum a week, or these violations should be corrected within the day,” Zurab Zhvania stated today after the meeting in the Central Election Commission.

He said that there is no reason to hold elections as the total falsification is anticipated. “In case the situation is not improved electorate will hit the streets and defend their votes by the protest rallies,” Zurab Zhvania said.

“Anticipated total falsification shows that Shevardnadze chooses dictatorial way of governance. People should express their will at the elections and in case the results of the elections are falsified, people will have to express their will by street protests.”

The Christian-Conservative Party – Zhvania’s Team, Saakashvili’s National Movement, Traditionalists, Industrialists, Socialists, Peoples Party, Labors’ Party, Ertoba, Tanadgoma demand to delay locals scheduled for June 2.

Leaders of these parties say that they found faked election lists that include names of unexistent or deceased voters. Also, according to their information in the election districts of Tbilisi 22 thousand voters are not included in the lists.

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